I arrived in Aspen 5 October 1965 at 12:30 am on my motor cycle meet my friend Bill, at the Tippler restaurant moved into a log cabin near difficult campground starting my Aspen life. The first winter was devoted to ski racing and summer worked for painting company. The following winter asked to help with ski club race program and some ski teaching at Buttermilk. In 1957 I joined Stein Erikson opening the ski school at Snowmass and Stein was the owner of my first residence painted in the spring of 1968 when started my own Company along with Ken Oakes a fellow ski school friend. In 1970,s Ken and I split and I started first winter crew in 1973 with a husband & wife team and I continued to ski coach and teach part time. Developing a painting Company was fun and we became known for our Victorian Home restoration and color work. During the 70’s I attended my first P.D.C.A. (Painting & Decorating Contractors Association) convention in Chicago and have remained a member ever since serving as National Board Member in the 80’s and becoming one of the first certified residential contractors as well.

Maintaining a technical expertise has always been foremost goal and belonging to a national organization a necessary commitment along with my goal of once we paint it, it’s ours for life. As a result, we have customers going back to the 1960’s continuing into next generation’s leading to some very long friendships and the ability to keep valuable real-estate in prime condition.

My hiring philosophy is to find crafts people who were better than I and keep them,
which is why many of our staff have been with Aspen Painting close to and over 30 years. With this staff we have been able to maintain expertise, build knowledge, and keep our clients happy and appreciative of our concern for their valuable property both inside and out.

During our growth we require our staff to have many skills such as, handyman carpentry, drywall installation and finishing, plaster finishing, all levels of painting
and for some wallcovering installation thus covering all aspects of preparation and finishing.

We were the very first company to bring the Art of decorative painting into town starting with one retail store in 1984 which led to many fun projects both retail and residential.

Our portfolio consists of Industrial (water & sewage plants), commercial many of Aspen’s National stores, School district and our favorite, residential projects both new and old.

Aspen Painting seeks to deliver exceptional, personalized painting & maintenance services to our clients and keep them for the life of their ownership.

101 Founders Place, Suite 101
Obermeyer Plaza
Aspen, Colorado 81611

Telephone: 970-925-2248
FAX: 970-925-1577
E-mail: roger@aspenpainting.com