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Decorative Painting Services in Aspen, CO

Want to get beautiful finishes? We can help you turn your walls into a masterpiece!

​Before We Paint

We perform the following services:

  • Drywall installation and finishing
  • Plaster and Stucco Repair
  • Color consultation and specific planning
  • Wall and wood samples
  • Site inspection, in house maintenance, and carpentry services
  • Remodel and alteration license
  • Specifications for all architectural coatings

After We Paint

Too often, once a project is completed, inspections and maintenance are forgotten. We provide seasonal inspections, and full expert maintenance work. Maintenance is the first line of preservation, be it a historic or new project.

Decorative Painting
Our decorative painting services includes:

  • Faux Finishing (Wood graining, Marbleizing, Stone Finishes)
  • Trompe L'oeil
  • Murals
  • Graphics
  • Decorative Wall Glazing
  • Plaster